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Reenergize with The OrganWise Guys

A new year brings the opportunity for fresh starts and new beginnings. We know heading back to work in January can be a bit tough on everyone, educators and students alike. So for those of you using The OrganWise Guys programming, we thought we would offer a refresher on the best way to get reenergized with “the guys.” We find that if you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with everything again, the excitement for the program will resurface.

Here are some suggestions for a healthy start to 2015:

  • Assess your materials –  Determine that you have everything you need. You may need to reorder student activity books or even replace those WISERCISE! calendar/sticker sets. If visuals help, browse our online catalog, or to order more product, visit our online store. We even have a 20% discount available off your entire purchase through the month of January. Use coupon code Smart20 upon checkout.
  • Schedule a meeting with your principal or school wellness committee – Ask them for feedback on the program and assess the overall “healthy climate” of the school. Brainstorm ideas on ways to improve in the new year.
  • Think about potential funding – Would you like to expand the program? Do you wish you could do more food tastings? Would you like to be able to give kids more incentives? There are many funding sources out there to help combat childhood obesity. Send us an email as we may be able to help connect you to some solid options.
  • Create fun challenges – Which class can consume the most fruits and vegetables during lunch for a given week? Month? Which class can perform the most WISERCISE lessons? There are so many ways to make healthy choices fun for kids!
  • Utilize available educator tools – For lots of free resources, visit the Educator Tool tab on our website! From lesson plans to live trainings and more, it is definitely worth checking out.
  • Spread the word – Additional resources such as coloring and activity sheets are found on our Kid’s Page. Make sure to share this site, along with our Kid’s Blog, with all of your students so they can take advantage of the fun at home as well.

Kid's Page Please contact us for any questions you may have regarding your materials or the program in general. Here’s to a happy AND healthy 2015!!

What is your favorite OWG resource?

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