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Rest Stop

Well hey there!

Ah, life on the road. It sure is nice. We are currently in the van on our way to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We’ve all been having a great time hanging out with one another, both at our stops and in the van. While driving, we sing along with our favorite songs, play the license plate game, or even try and catch some shut-eye. While this is all good, we do still need to make sure we aren’t just sitting all day in the car eating junk food. Luckily, Miss Goodhealth has been THE BEST about making sure that doesn’t happen.

Every day, we stop at a rest stop for half an hour, so we can use the restroom and get some fresh air! It’s a nice little break from traveling in the van all day. We can get exercise by playing tag (which is Hardy’s favorite way to get his blood flowing), or we can just sit in the grass and catch some sun (which Calci loves to remind us is a great way to get Vitamin D). Miss Goodhealth makes sure that we stop at grocery stores to get fresh, healthy car snacks. No fast food for us! Unless you count everyone’s favorite sub-sandwich shop fast food. With such delicious, healthy options for our sandwiches, it’s definitely not the normal “fast food.” Alright, we are getting ready to take one of our breaks at the rest stop. See you in Oklahoma City!

Keep livin’ OrganWise,

Luigi Liver

PS – Don’t forget to download the coloring sheet and activity sheet  to help pass the time!


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