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Serving Up Fun!

Hola amigos!

Since this is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, I thought it would be a great time to practicar (“to practice” in Spanish) my tennis skills. This year I set a goal to work really hard at certain sports-related skills that I tend to have trouble with, and my tennis serve is one of them. Yesterday, I got a bucket of tennis balls, and then served. And served. And served. And served. I spent almost UNA HORA (Spanish for “one hour”) practicing my serve. By the end of that time, I started to feel tired, but my serve definitely improved. Today, I played tennis with Hardy and even won a few points off of my serve! This weekend, I’ll be sure to spend some time playing outside, whether it’s tennis or something else, it’s just important to stay active! For more fun activities, download our coloring sheet and activity sheet!


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