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Shoeless Calci

Hey Team!

I am so excited to tell you how my ‘day without shoes’ went! I have to admit, I did get some crazy looks from people at basketball practice, and a lot of people asked me why I wasn’t wearing shoes. I’m so glad they did ask since I got to tell them all about TOMS’ One Day Without Shoes campaign. I told them that thousands of children all around the world don’t have shoes. Many of my friends had no idea about this problem, so I felt really good about being able to spread the word. I reminded everyone that it is important to wear shoes to avoid infections, to be able to exercise, and to protect the bones in your feet (that last one is especially important to me!).

So remember guys, be thankful for what you have AND once you outgrow your shoes, don’t throw them away! Talk to your parents about donating them, so no kids will have to be without shoes.OWG_Blog_Art_4-7-11

Click here for today’s coloring sheet.

Click here for today’s activity sheet

Have a great day,

Calci M. Bone

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