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Shopping on a Budget in September

It’s the end of the month¬†and we have some great budget saving tips for you on tomatoes and whole grains, the two September Foods of the Month! To recap, this month we created four different dishes – a whole grain pizza that could be a light meal or snack, a tomato salad, a hearty whole grain pasta dish for a family dinner or for a week’s worth of lunches, and a delicious egg and tomato sandwich that is a great weekend lunch idea. We were able to create these four meals for only¬†$45. Scroll down for some money saving tips!

september budget copy

Did you know that you can freeze fresh whole grains like whole grain bread, whole grain pitas and whole grain English muffins? Freezing these bread products is a great way to take advantage of a sale and buy one get one free promotions on healthy whole grains. Be sure to freeze the package before the expiration date. Then, the next time you want to make an whole grain pita pizza, or a whole wheat sandwich, defrost the bread in your microwave. After defrosting, we also like to toast our bread a little bit for sandwiches and pizzas for a fancier feel.

Freezing is not only a good way to save money on whole grains, but it also guarantees that you will have healthy ingredients in your kitchen when you need to make a last minute meal!

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