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Show Your Appreciation!

Hey girls and boys!

Man oh, man, this is an amazing week! Today is the start of National PE Week and you know how we OrganWise Guys LOVE physical activity! And to add even more excitement to the week, tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Day. To show how grateful we are for our teachers, we OrganWise Guys decided to meet at the clubhouse after school and make cards for our teachers! On our cards, we drew a picture of one of our teachers, and then we wrote three reasons we appreciate them. And while I think Miss Goodhealth is a GREAT teacher, I decided to make my card for my PE teacher, Coach Link (it is National PE Week after all).

Now, I’m no Michelangelo, but I have to say my picture might as well be a photograph of him! Next, I wrote three reasons I appreciate him:

  1. You always encourage us, even when we are having trouble with something.
  2. You make sure everyone gets to a chance to kick during kickball.
  3. You make physical activity even more fun!!

Tomorrow, we are all going to give our teachers the cards we made. We sure hope they like them. If you want to make a card for your teacher, print out this week’s coloring sheet and get to work!OWG_Blog_Art_5-2-11

Stay healthy!

Peter Pancreas

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