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Simple Substitutes for 2012

We’re barely into the New Year and your family might already be having trouble keeping those healthy resolutions. If you’re like most of us, it’s easy to keep up those healthy choices for a few days but as the kids head back to school, work heats up and extracurricular activities demand your attention, it’s easy to slide. Here are a few simple substitutions you can make at the grocery store this week that will help you have your healthiest new year ever!

  1. Change out white pasta for whole grain pasta. Not only is it less processed, but whole grain pasta has more fiber. That means less pasta will help you feel more full! These days you can get everything from angel hair to elbow macaroni in whole grain!
  2. Having a baked potato? Instead of piling sour cream on your potato, try plain low-fat greek yogurt. Although sour cream is a favorite potato topper, it has very little nutritional value. Plain greek yogurt has the same “sour” taste and it’s packed with protein and calcium!
  3. Fresh fruit is more difficult to get during the winter months so consider adding smoothies to your diet. You can buy bags of frozen strawberries, blueberries, mango, raspberries and even pineapple all year long. Especially during the winter months, frozen fruit will actually be MORE fresh than fruit flown in from other parts of the world. Add a cup of low-fat yogurt and a splash of orange juice to blend a healthy frozen treat.
  4. In cold months, the whole family often wants a hot beverage. It’s never too early to introduce your kids to hot tea. There are many caffeine-free and delicious brews you can try. Use honey instead of sugar to sweeten your drink.
  5. Don’t forget the water. There’s really no substitute for it! In the winter months, we often don’t feel as thirsty which can result in us being more dehydrated!

Remember, our goal is a healthy lifestyle for the long-term! Making just a few simple changes every month can help make 2012 your healthiest year ever!

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