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Hi Kids!

Sid and Kidney, here. Can you believe that it’s already the end of January?! It sure has flown by, hasn’t it? But just because January is over, it doesn’t mean that winter is. I don’t know how the weather is where you live, but it’s freezing here! The snow has just been nonstop … but we’re not complaining because you know what snow is, right? Frozen WATER! And you know how we kidneys love water. Yesterday, we threw on our hats and gloves and played in the snow for hours! We made a snowman, went sledding, and even made snow kidneys—they’re like snow angels, just kidney shaped! It was so much fun to get outside and play in this weather.

All of this activity made us THIRSTY—but no, we didn’t eat the snow. Kid, always the prepared one, had packed us some refreshing water, which he set in nature’s cooler: a snow bank! It really hit the spot.

So if you kids live in an area that has some snow, ask your parents if you can go outside and play in it. Even if there is no snow, get out there and get active. All of your OrganWise Guys will appreciate it. Just be sure to bundle up in warm clothes, and, of course, stay hydrated! And when you need to come in and warm up, we’ve got a coloring sheet just for you. Click here to download it.


Kidney Brothers gloves

The Kidney Bros.

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