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Southwest Louisiana AHEC Programming with The OrganWise Guys

During our travels this summer, we had the pleasure of reconnecting with Ms. Shirlene Bender from the Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center (SW LA AHEC). During the 2012-2013 school year, Ms. Bender received a Healthy Incentive Project Mini Grant thanks to funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foudation. Her project involved using OrganWise Guys materials in the community to teach children and families about good nutrition. AHEC does a variety of health education programming for people of all ages and we were excited to see how her project turned out!

Earlier this year, Ms. Bender and her students and colleagues at SW LA AHEC held their 3rd annual PlayDay, in partnership with Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Lafayette, LA. PlayDay is a summer activities trade fair and fitness expo. This fun community event is free for families, and the goal is to promote healthy living through nutritious foods and outside activities for children.

HOSA student teaches local children and families about good nutrition using the OWG Doll.

A HOSA student teaches children and parents about good nutrition using the OWG Doll.

The OrganWise Guys materials were used at PlayDay by the local Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) chapter from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. At their booth, the HOSA students invited children and families to learn about healthy foods and what they can do for your body using the OrganWise dolls and promotional materials. After learning about the organs, children were given a healthy snack and coloring sheets to take home. Check out the fun pictures highlighting this day. Great work SW LA AHEC!

Children receive a sticker after choosing their healthy snacks and learning about their organs.

Children receive a sticker after choosing a healthy snack and learning about their organs.

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