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Spring is in the Air!

Hi there!

I love, love, love that spring is finally here … The grass is turning green; the flowers are blooming, and; the trees have leaves sprouting again! With all of this beautiful nature happening around us, it should come as no surprise that I love going outside and getting some fresh air during this time of year (and all year long, really)! It is just so lovely to walk (or in my case fly – giggle, giggle) around and appreciate the vibrant colors as I get some exercise. The only downside is that some of my friends have allergies this time of year, which means they sneeze… A LOT! So it is also a great idea to carry around some tissues!

So get outside and enjoy some fresh air! Click here for today’s coloring sheet– and make it colorful! OWG_Blog_Art_4-11-11

Have fun,

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