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St. Patrick's Day Chocolate?

Hi Guys and Girls,

Some of you may remember that my goal for the year was to not eat so much chocolate. I’m happy to report I’m doing better. I had a little hiccup last month with Valentine’s Day, as some kids handed out chocolate with their valentines. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t resist it all, so I may have had a few pieces too many. Thankfully, St. Patrick’s Day is ‘all about the green’ and luckily for me, chocolate is not green! Fruits and veggies are, so I’ve been eating a lot of those in celebration (and also because they are delicious). Hope all of you are doing well with your yearly goals! If you are having a tough time with them, don’t worry, we all do. Just keep working hard! And be sure to download our coloring sheet and activity sheet for today!

Keep eatin’ healthy,
Peter PancreasOWG_Blog_Art_3-14-13

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