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St. Patrick's Day Family Fun

St. Patrick’s Day is once again upon us, and since we liked our “green” ideas from last year so much, we thought we would share them again this year. Green is definitely a favorite OrganWise Guy color (think fresh, yummy greens) so we certainly enjoy celebrating this holiday!

Enjoy these green-inspired family fun ideas:

  • Cut out greens – Pull out some old magazines and have the kids cut out pictures of green vegetables. Paste these cut out peas, cucumbers, asparagus or green beans on a blank shamrock to make it green!
  • Color the rainbow – In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, but with a healthy twist, have the kids color this rainbow of fruits and veggies! You can even hold a coloring contest and the winner gets to pick a healthy fruit or vegetable for everyone to eat!
  • Play Red Light, Green Light – Go outside for some good old-fashioned outdoor fun and physical activity. Tie in your green theme, by playing the Red Light, Green Light race game with your kiddos!
  • Eat a Green Meal – On St. Patrick’s day create an entire green meal for supper. Try salad greens, guacamole, green veggies and fruit, or even green eggs. For dessert, you can try some low-fat green sorbet! Yum!
  • Make a leprechaun smoothie – A green smoothie is never more appropriate than on St. Patrick’s Day! Click here to see what we included in this tasty treat!


What creative green inspirations have you come up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

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