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Starting Off a New OrganWise Year

In 2011, we got to spend a lot of time in the field with our amazing agents, teachers and food services personnel! We are so impressed with the creativity and excitement out there to empower kids to be smart and healthy from the inside out. Now it’s time to welcome a new year full of healthy choices!

Whether you’re new to OWG or are a veteran working in the school-based setting, here are a few suggestions to get the year started off on the right foot.

If you’re using the OWG Comprehensive School Program:

  • Download¬†The OrganWise Guys CSP implementation Worksheet. This is a new document we created in the fall of 2011 to help you implement the program efficiently. It’s also a great memory jogger for those of you who are veterans!
  • Take some time to assess the state of your materials. Pull out all those boxes. Is your doll missing any organs? Are some of your books showing signs of wear and tear? Is there a giant scratch across the DVD that causes Peri to “get stopped up” every time she sings¬†Keep It Moving? If visuals help or if you need to order more product, visit our online catalog.
  • Schedule a meeting with your principal or the wellness committee at your school. Ask them for feedback on the program and try to assess the overall “healthy climate” of the school. Brainstorm ideas on ways to improve this year.
  • Start thinking about funding. Would you like to expand the program? Do you wish you could do more food tastings? Would you like to be able to give kids more incentives? There are many funding sources out there to help combat childhood obesity. Check back on our blog for potential grant opportunities or if you have a big idea, send us an email; we may be able to help you connect to some solid options!
  • Set tangible goals and throw out challenges. How many food tastings would you like to do? How many WISERCISE sessions can be done throughout the year, schoolwide? Which class can consume the most fruits and vegetables during lunch for a given week? Month? There are so many ways to make healthy choices fun for kids!
2012 can be our healthiest year ever! Keep us updated on your progress – we love hearing those success stories and helping you brainstorm in the areas you get stuck!
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