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Staying OrganWise in Costa Rica

AG Costa RicaPreviously we shared the story of OWG President, Dr. Michelle Lombardo’s, niece, Ashley Griffin, and her student teaching stint in Costa Rica where she incorporated OWG into her lessons. Today we have an update from Ashley as she returned to the classroom in Costa Rica with much enthusiasm. Read on to hear about her most recent experience.

Costa Rica 1The OrganWise Guys are impacting my classroom down in Costa Rica!! I had the opportunity to bring The OrganWise Guy Doll (with removable organs!) this semester. The kids in my classroom (and even in other classes) have been thoroughly entertained with this character. My class read The OrganWise Guys: Smart from the Inside Out and Train Your Brain for Success earlier this seCosta Rica3mester. Both books were a hit. I introduced the WISERCISE! program earlier this year and at this point, students are coming to me to remind me about WISERCISE! time. It has been a joy to watch the kids grow to love their bodies and taking an interest in their health.

Not only have I used materials directly from The OrganWise Guys, but I have adapted some of my teaching strategies utilizing OrganWise Guys manipulatives. For example, when kids are coming in slowly to class, I am set up at our rug with Sir Rebrum. I toss him to a child and ask a quick math question. Once they answer, they toss Sir Rebrum back to me. As kids notice what is going on, they quickly join us on the rug. My students have learned about our essential organs, their main functions, and have enjoyed songs, videos, and other activities. I’m so thaCosta Rica2nkful for the opportunity to teach my students about their health, especially at a young age! Click here to watch the kids performing an OrganWise Cadence March.

I’m already looking forward to next school year, which begins February 2015, when I get to implement new and fun resources!

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