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Sunny Side of Life

Hey Everybody!

We are still enjoying the California sunshine! Hope it’s sunny where you are as well. Today we grabbed our towels, sunglasses, and sunscreen for another day at the beach, this time in Santa Cruz, California. We played frisbee, swam in the ocean, and a few of us even tried to surf! It is not the easiest sport to get the hang of, but I did catch a wave or two! Let me tell you, surfing is a sport that can really get the heart pumping, not only from the hard work, but also the excitement of catching the wave! Just be sure to wear a wetsuit when you’re surfing here, because the water is cooooold!

In the evening, we took a ride on the Giant Dipper, a great roller-coaster on the nearby boardwalk. First surfing, then a roller coaster?! The heart-pounding adventures just don’t stop! We ended the day enjoying a healthy dinner at a nearby seafood restaurant.

Hardy and Calci Sunscreen

Another great day on our trip and another great coloring sheet for you!

Talk to you later,

Hardy Heart

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