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Sweet Home Alabama

Hello hello!Sir-Rebrum-Boaz-AL

We just left our first real stop on our cross-country trip! Man, oh man, was it great. We stopped in Boaz, Alabama. I know what you are thinking (I am a brain after all), you’re thinking, “What’s in Boaz, Alabama?” The OrganWise Guys warehouse is there! This warehouse is where all of your favorite OrganWise Guys books are printed and favorite OrganWise Guys games and toys are shipped out across the country. Let me tell you, if you ever want to have a brain overload, go to a warehouse full of books and toys that look like you! We all loved having a look around, though. Thinking back to when we first started The OrganWise Guys Club, it was incredible to look around and see how much we have grown.  This is simply because of one reason: YOU! Smart, healthy, physically active kids like you are the reason The OrganWise Guys are here today, so keep up the good work and spread the word to your friends.  All right, well I gotta run now, we are stopping off to get some BRAIN food!

Think healthy thoughts and get today’s  coloring sheet!

Sir Rebrum

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