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T-E-S-T Test!

Hello, hello!

Tomorrow is a big day tomorrow because it’s my first quiz of the year!  We all know how important it is to study for quizzes and tests so we can make excellent grades. I have been studying for half an hour each night this week, this way I am not cramming it all in the night before. And just because you are studying, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun! I asked some of the other OrganWise Guys to help me make studying fun by throwing in some physical activity, and they helped out in a major way! For each of my spelling words, after I spelled the word correctly, we did an exercise that started with that letter. For example, the word was “stamp,” so after I spelled stamp (S-T-A-M-P), we did 10 sit-ups! When I had to spell “puppy,” we did ten push-ups. For “happy,” we did ten high-kicks! It was an exciting way to learn my words and exercise. I have to tell you, getting my blood flowing with exercise really seemed to help me “think” more clearly.  Gotta go study one last time. If you have a test, good luck to you and if you don’t, download today’s activity sheet!

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Sir Rebrum

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