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Teach Kids to be Self Confident

Teach kids to be self confident Sir RebrumSelf confidence is a quality that can go a long way in every aspect of life. So, it is very important to teach kids to be self confident at an early age. When doing so though, remember to mention that being overconfident is not always a good thing; there is definitely a happy medium.

Using sports as an example of confidence is a great way teach kids to be self confident. This would probably be one of the easiest ways to have the kids relate and understand the whole concept.

Sir Rebrum talks about how success in a sport could lead to a little bit of over confidence and also finds out how that could end up hurting him. Get the worksheets to see what happened!

Download the fun coloring sheet and word search activity sheet to help teach kids to be self confident:

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Teach Kids To Follow Through

Luigi Liver teaching kids to follow throughThere are a number of life lessons that kids need to learn as they grow up. One very important lesson is to teach kids to follow through on whatever it is they set their mind to do. This can be true in everyday life, in sports, housework, and even at work later on down the road. Once a decision has been made, or a goal has been set, teach kids to follow through with this decision or goal. This is such an important character trait to instill at a young age.

Have a discussion with your kids about setting some goals. Come up with some goals for inside the house and also outside the house. Try and let the kids initiate the idea and then you can write them down and hang them on a wall where they are easy to see. This will serve as a reminder that these goals have been set and will teach kids to follow through.

Also, make sure and download the fun coloring sheet below for the kids to color as well!

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Inspire Kids to be Entrepreneurs

EntrepreneursDo you want your kids to be entrepreneurs? Better yet, you can have your kids be entrepreneurs AND be healthy! It’s no secret that The Kidney Brothers love water. So during the hot summer months, encourage the kids to have a lemonade stand with fresh-squeezed lemonade. Help them get their little business started and encourage them along the way. What a fantastic learning experience and a great way to teach about the importance of water.

Make sure and download the coloring sheet and activity sheet below to inspire your little entrepreneurs!

Best of luck!

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Teaching Consideration to Kids

Hardy consideration

Summer is in sight! With that comes end-of-the-year school performances and awards banquets. Generally, kids earn awards based on certain talents and achievements they have obtained. We think this is fantastic! But we also think it’s a good idea to take other people’s feelings into account. The OrganWise Guys do just that by teaching kids consideration. Just because a kid may not be athletic, it doesn’t mean they can’t get the academic award! Or, you can even give out silly awards in the classroom, which gives kids who may not normally receive awards the chance to feel proud and appreciated! To teach your kids about consideration, make sure and download the coloring sheet and activity sheet for your kids to create their own awards! Happy celebrating!
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Why Doing the Right Thing Feels Good

The Kidney Brothers Doing the Right ThingLast time we visited, The Kidney Brothers had regretfully made a purchase for themselves with their money, rather than buying something special for their mom on Mother’s Day! When they realized they had made a mistake, they spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make it right. Sid and Kid share with us what they did for their mom and how it made her feel. Once Mom was appreciative and grateful for their meaningful gifts, they realized why doing the right thing feels so good.

Make sure and download the coloring sheet to find out the special things they did for Mother’s Day!

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