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Lightened Up Super Bowl Recipes

We shared these recipes last year, but thought they were yummy enough to share again!

The big game is this weekend and undoubtably you are either having a Super Bowl party or attending one. Whether you are hosting or bringing a dish to a friend’s gathering, you can actually make some really tasty AND healthy foods so you aren’t totally indulging for the entire four hours of entertaining football and commercials! Try some of these lightened up versions of your favorites for a more guiltless Super Bowl Sunday!


Game Day Go-To Meals

Your football parties don’t necessarily have to be super unhealthy! You can easily modify recipes for your favorite “comfort” foods to make a healthier version. See our spin on some yummy recipes to use for your game day go-to meals:


"Fit"-tastic Finger Foods

Football parties and tailgates do not necessarily have to mean unhealthy fare. In fact, we want to share some tasty ways that you can create nutritious finger foods without sacrificing flavor for your next gathering! Fruit is a fantastic way to include a sweet treat to the typical unhealthy party spread.


Friday Night "Lites"

While you may still be sulking over the idea that it is back to school, one exciting consideration is the fact that it also means the commencement of high school football season! Spending your Friday nights under the bright lights, hearing the marching band and cheers from the stands means that Fall is here and football is back! Whether you are in attendance to watch the football players, cheerleaders or band members, we have some simple, tasty and healthy ‘stands-worthy’ treats to share with you. In addition, we also have a great snack for the football players to refuel with after those long grueling practices or games!