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Kids Wheel of Health Event in Atlanta

We recently had the opportunity to participate in the Kid’s Wheel of Health Event at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA. It was a great day for kids and families to be active and learn how to make healthy choices. Our very own Hardy Heart made an appearance to encourage kids as they headed off to their race (12 and under participated in a 1k, 13 and over in a 5k).



Serving the Underserved in Atlanta

When you think of working out do you think of doing crazy things like a quarter of a mile of lunges, a few hill sprints and then top it all off with a push-up contest? You might if you’re Josh Guerrieri, founder of an Atlanta-based fitness program called FitWit. His program actually started out of a desire to help underserved students take charge of their health. We hope you enjoy learning more about this wonderful program (and, by the way, beware of the lunges – you might not be able to walk for a few days!). (more…)

The OrganWise Guys in Georgia!

You asked for it and we’ve got it! The number one request we recieved from you was to hear more about how others were using The OrganWise Guys programming. Today we’re featuring an interview right here from The OrganWise Guys home state of Georgia! Meet Kendall Wall, a project director for HealthMPowers.
OWG: What is HealthMPowers and what is your role in the organization?

Kendall: HealthMPowers is a non-profit organization designed to provide students, school staff, and families with information, skills, resources, and motivation necessary to take responsibility for their own health. I am the project lead at HealthMPowers which means that I oversee the program implementation for over 50 schools across the state.


OWG: What are some of the creative ways that you’ve seen teachers use the OWG programming?

Kendall: They love the OWG activity books. The teachers use the books after tests, as morning work and during transitions. The videos are a big hit. The schools use the longer DVD’s during rainy day recess or for breaks in the afternoon and the OWG shorts on the morning announcements. They also use the dolls in creative ways. One of the schools came up with OrganWise Gal Hokey Pokey. The kids come up and take an organ out and then put it back in.


OWG: What are some of the biggest challenges you are finding as you try to teach kids how to take charge of their health and how are you addressing those challenges?

Kendall: Although our program is funded by SNAP Ed and our service is free of charge to schools, the teachers have a lot on their plate right now. They often see nutrition education as “one more thing”. We help them by giving them integrated lesson plans that match up with the criteria that they already have to teach during the year.


OWG: Who is your favorite OWG character and why?

Kendall: Sid and Kid Kidney not only do the kidneys have a unqique and interesting function in the body but Sid and Kid are also comical characters that add humor to all of the OWG videos, books, ECT.


OWG: One last question, what is your favorite healthy snack?

Kendall: Strawberry and Blueberry Shake. I make them all the time! Forzen strawberries and blueberries, a few ice cubes, a little water and vanilla yogurt. Blend and enjoy!


Kendall and Hardy