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Passing It On….

We recently caught up with Madonna Weese, an Extension Specialist with 4-H Youth Development for the University of Illinois Extension. Madonna and her team have been creating some pretty innovative ways for the older kids to teach the younger kids using WISERCISE, the classroom exercise component of The OrganWise Guys programming.


A Success Story at King Elementary (IL)

We received this great story from Jamie Kleiss who works with the University of Illinois Extension:
Last Friday I went to King Elementary and did my usual rounds in 6 classroom there- ranging from K-4th grade. I did 10 minutes of WISERCISE! (OWG snack packing) and then had them try clementines. The kids LOVED it! High energy and you could hear the chants from down the hallway. 
Well….today I went to the afterschool program and half of the 4th graders from last week were waiting on me. While I was getting my stuff ready, they all started chanting “low-fat, high fiber, lots of water, exercise!” When I turned around ALL of the students were standing up doing the motions with it! They did it all on their own.
Today we made black bean and corn chili. We went over the ingredients and talked about each one’s nutritional importance. When we got to the beans and corn, and I asked why they are important, I had  a few students start the chant again with “high-fiber.”  ….the story gets better.
While it was cooking, I told them I brought WISERCISE! again and we were going to do ‘Karate Kid Math.’ THEY LOVED IT!!! The teacher even started doing it with us! She commented that the kids did it because it made exercise FUN! They all asked for me to bring it again! 
AND I also had one girl tell me she bought clementines because she tried them last week and really liked them!!

We are so thankful for all of our partners around the country who are teaching kids healthy habits! Together, we are making a difference once child at a time.