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Take a Minute to Enjoy Summer

Hi there,
I hope all of you are having a blast this summer! My summer has been jam-packed with friends and fun. I feel like I’ve been busier now than I was during school! This got me thinking that I need to take a minute to really relax and enjoy my free time. I feel like I am already planning the next activity before the one I’m doing is even over. I realized that it’s okay if I don’t go to every soccer camp or sleepover. Sometimes, it’s nice to take it slow. So this weekend, I am going to take a hike with my family and appreciate the fresh air and beauty of nature. If you’re feeling like summer is flying by, then take a breather! Summer is a time when you can actually take time to stop and smell the roses, so do it! After you come indoors, get my coloring and activity sheet for today!

Keep breathing!

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