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Take Time for Mom and Family

Once again, we are excited to feature our great partners over at the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF) who provided us with the great content below.

Mother and Family fun in the park

On top of their many (many!) roles, Moms are impressive jugglers. They are known to balance work routines with multiple school schedules, errands, team sports, and after school activities—all before getting out the door most mornings. During the busy weeks during the school year, Moms get all sorts of advice about the importance of maximizing “together time” by sharing meals and activities together, on top of their already crazy busy calendars.

As members of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, we support busy Moms with free resources to help do just that! In addition to the resources shared by HWCF, we here at The OrganWise Guys, have a great kid’s club page on our website offering mom’s free resources such as fun videos, coloring and activity sheets. These are a great way to get a healthy conversation going with the kids while spending some valuable time together.

Speaking of valuable time, the month of May brings flowers of course, but also a couple of events that could help your family decompress and make plans for being more active and healthy together.

  • First, unplug. That’s right! May 4th – 10th is a national week of deliberate retreat from the screen. While this activity is largely aimed at children, seeking to get kids moving and outside for play, we’re all guilty of pinching family time with a sneak peek at our email and social media. Why not plug in by unplugging? The official “unplug” week may be coming to a close, but you can consider doing this once a week all year long to incorporate more quality family time.
  • Mother’s Day is May 10th. Enough said! Make a plan to put Mom in the center of things and plan something as simple as a hike and a picnic. Your family can benefit from getting some exercise on Mom’s special day.
  • Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kick off of summer and falls on May 25th this year. Find all sorts of ways to spend quality time over a long weekend reading the Together Counts™ blog. Search topics from meal planning to healthy living and make it your go-to for ways to get together this summer.

Share ways you’re making the most of May by commenting below or at https://www.facebook.com/togethercounts

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