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Taking a Stand

Well hey there!

So here is what I decided to do about those kids I saw getting picked on in the park:  Instead of just looking the other way, I went over and invited those kids to play with my friends and me. The older kids asked if they could play with us too. Do you know what I said? I said, “Not if you’re gonna be mean and pick on us!” I really said it!  They said they wouldn’t be, so we all started to play football. However, sure enough, those older kids started saying rude things to us. That’s when I called a time out, and told those kids we were done playing until they could either be nice or go play somewhere else. Can you believe it? At first they called me a crybaby and some other stuff. But my friends and I didn’t give in! We calmly waited for them to leave, and they did eventually. It was also comforting to know that the playground supervisor was not to far away in case we needed an adult to help with the situation.  Watching others get bullied is just not cool, so I feel really good about taking a stand. Finding the courage to do that wasn’t easy, but I’m sure glad I did it!  Don’t forget mycoloring sheet and activity sheet – download them now!

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Luigi Liver

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