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Taking Time for Mom – A Different Sense of Productivity

Like many of you, I am a busy mom with a million daily tasks, stacks of laundry, a full time job AND 2 kids under the age of 3! In fact, my husband even jokes with me that my life is one big to do list. I am constantly wondering how I am going to get everything ‘checked off’ each day. Recently, it occurred to me that he is not joking about this! My life had turned into a daily list of chores and checkboxes! At the end of each day, I found myself discouraged that I still had SO much left to do but no time to do it!

In addition, I also realized that I was not taking any time for myself. Taking care of the kiddos and making sure I was being ‘productive’ on a daily basis, did not allow much time for anything else. Right about the time I had this “epiphany.” A friend of mine mentioned that she had signed up for a boot camp workout that happened to be one street over from where I live. Right then it hit me … this was my answer! Five months had already passed since I had my little boy and the baby weight wasn’t going anywhere on its own, so what a great way to get in some “me” time – working out AND getting to socialize with my friends! So I did it. I went to boot camp.

From Our House

I was a gymnast for over 20 years and working out was ALWAYS a part of my life. But, I must admit that two kids later, I let that part of my life slide. Never in a million years did I think that I would be doing sprints, burpees, push ups and squats like this again! The first night I went, the feelings (well, beyond the feelings of joint pain and shortness of breath) that arose were so exhilarating! I didn’t realize how much I was missing that feeling of hard work and that sense of accomplishment after a tough workout.

This boot camp discovery has given me a new outlet for myself and perspective on my priorities. I realize how much more I can contribute to my family when I am taking some time for myself and not checking off my chores each night. To sum it up … I am officially hooked. I go to boot camp 3-4 times a week now with the full support of my babysitting hubby. I must say that at the end of these days, I now have a new definition of ‘productivity.’

So moms out there, we’d love to hear from you.  What types of things do you do to ensure you get some “me-time” each day?

By Maria White

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