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Teach Kids to Eat High-Fiber Foods

Peri Stolic high-fiber foodsTeaching kids to eat fruits and vegetables is a challenge frequently faced by most parents. With so many unhealthy options made available to kids on a daily basis, it makes it difficult for them to always make the best decisions. One way that may be helpful to encourage kids to eat these all-important foods, is to teach them WHY they need to eat them. Teach kids to eat high-fiber foods because it can keep them stay healthy and aid in digestion (using Peri Stolic as a source, of course!) This may help them view the whole fruit and veggie issue from an entirely different perspective! We can certainly hope that it does!

Make sure and download the coloring sheet below to help teach kids to eat high-fiber foods:

Coloring Sheet Button





You can also download a behavior tracking sheet, which we shared on the blog earlier this week. We encourage you to print out the sheet and track the high-fiber foods that you eat daily to create a help create a habit of eating them!

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