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Teach Kids Why Rest is Important

Windy restWe, as adults, are all guilty of overextending ourselves. Whether it be school events, extra-curricular activities, or even fun, social events, we tend to schedule our lives to the point of exhaustion! While being busy to an extent is good, there is that fine line of it becoming both emotionally and physically unhealthy. Rest becomes such an important component of good health and sometimes we forget that. We like to burn the candle at both ends as they say, which can definitely wear down the body, resulting in potential sickness.

As we head into Fall, and flu season approaches, it’s a good idea to remind kids the importance of getting plenty of rest. Get to bed at a decent hour and, as Windy, the lungs talks about, sneak in an extra nap over the weekend if your body is feeling tired. Kids will be able to work and play harder when feeling well-rested!

Make sure and download the rest-inspired coloring sheet for the kiddos! They may want to take a little snooze after seeing it:

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