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Teacher Appreciation

Hello Everyone!

Like Hardy said last week, this month is a big month for The OrganWise Guys. Not only is it National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, but this week is also Teacher Appreciation Week. This is the perfect time to let your teacher know how much you appreciate them. They are working hard trying to get to summer vacation just like us, so use this week to remind your teacher that you think they’re great! Some students bring gifts or baked goods, but me, I’m bringing a high-fiber treat … an apple! It may seem boring, but teachers have been getting apples for years, and that is the kind of gift an intestine can get behind. I think I’ll make a card as well to let my teacher know just how much she brightens my day!

Talk to you soon,

Peri Stolic

PS – To show more teacher appreciation, download today’s coloring sheet.download (25)

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