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Thanks "Giving"

Hey team,

This week is Thanksgiving. We always spend so much time focusing on the first half of that word, and while I think that is awesome and we should definitely give thanks, we should also make sure that we are giving, too. We can give our time by volunteering at a retirement home or soup kitchen, or simply donate our old clothes to a local charity. That’s why I spent the weekend going through my closet with my parents, putting aside clothes I’ve outgrown to donate to those in need. I know it can be a busy time of year, but if you can find the time to give something, whether it’s clothes, food, or simply your time, I encourage you to talk to your parents and do so. You won’t regret it! See the pile of clothes that I am going to be giving away on the coloring sheet for today!

Talk to you later,Thanks "Giving"


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