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Thanksgiving Decorations

Hi kids,

This Thursday is Thanksgiving, so my mom started pulling out some of the Thanksgiving decorations we always put out, like candles that smell like pumpkin and niceplacemats for dinner. The one thing she couldn’t find was the cornucopia, which we put in the center of our table. For those who don’t know, the cornucopia is usually a horn-shaped basket full of produce, nuts and flowers. But ours was nowhere to be found. My mom said that she didn’t have time to go get one, so we’d have to go without it this year. I could tell she was upset about it though, so I decided to take action. I went for a walk in the park and gathered up some beautiful brown and orange leaves, along with some nuts, pinecones, and flowers. I then grabbed a small squash from our OrganWise garden, and threw it all together in basket. I walked back inside and showed it to my mom, and she loved it! While it wasn’t the normal centerpiece we have, I think it’ll do just fine!OWG_Blog_Art_11-19-12

Keep breathing,

Don’t forget today’s coloring!

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