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The Chocolate Battle

Hi guys and girls!

This whole 2013 goal really got me thinking. What is one thing that I really hope to improve on in the coming year? I thought long and hard about it. For the most part, I eat healthy, get my exercise each day, drink plenty of water, but I do have one weakness: chocolate. With the holidays last month, I was more than happy to eat an extra piece of candy or take an extra piece of cake! Look, some chocolate here and there is okay. Most people like chocolate, but for me, sometimes I take it a little too far. So this year, I really want to work on eating less of it, as I definitely overdid the last few months of the year with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So, if I’m offered an extra piece, I will politely decline. Or if there is chocolate candy out, or some chocolate chip cookies for sale, I try to walk right passed it. I know this goal will be hard for me, and also hard to really calculate, but I’ll know how I’m doing.  Wish me luck. I’ll need it!

Don’t forget today’s coloring sheet and activity sheetOWG_Blog_Art_1-10-13

Keep eating healthy,

Peter Pancreas

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