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The First Snow

Hi there!

This weekend, we had the first snow of winter! It started Saturday night and continued well into Sunday morning. School wasn’t canceled, but there was plenty of snow to play in, with more in the forecast. This is very exciting, as I love playing with my friends out in the fluffy stuff. I also love just walking around while it is coming down. On Saturday night, when it first started to snow, my mom and I put on our hats and scarves and went for a walk around the neighborhood. Watching the snowflakes fall as the streetlights came on was so pretty. I felt like I was in a painting! If you get some snow soon (or already have some), be sure to get out there and have some fun in it, whether it’s an evening walk with Mom, or building a snowman with friends!Print

Don’t forget today’s coloring sheet!

Keep breathing,

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