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The Great Stone Fruit

Stone fruits are an August Foods of the Month! All stone fruits have one thing in common; there is a pit in the middle of the fruit, which is where the word “stone” comes from. Don’t worry – the “stone” is actually the seed of this fruit.

Why should we eat stone fruits? The OrganWise Guys love these fruits because they are full of vitamins and minerals that make our bodies happy. Stone fruits are high in vitamin C, keeping our immune systems strong.

Another great thing about these fruits is that they are convenient. Who doesn’t love a peach, a nectarine, or some cherries for lunch? Not only are these fruits easy to transport, they require little to no preparation because they are so tasty by themselves. All you have to do is wash them. Be sure to eat the skin for extra nutrition!

Scientists have seen stone fruits as a source of experiment. Have you ever heard of fruits like apriums or pluots? These fruits are made by combining the seeds of two fruits to get a whole new one! Apriums are a cross between apricots and plum with the apricot dominating and pluots are a cross between a plum and an apricot with the plum dominating.

Never tried one of these fruits before? We have an easy way for you to “test out” these experiment foods on your own. Add chopped pluots to your favorite whole grain muffin recipe. They add a sweet burst of flavor!7872120606_6b8d54553a

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