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There Goes the Football

Hey everybody,

Yesterday, after I finished my math homework, I rounded up the gang for a game of touch football. I was quarterback, so when I saw Madame Muscle open in theendzone, I got a little too excited and overthrew the ball … All the way over the neighbor’s fence! So that meant no more football until they got home. We were about to all head inside, when Peri came running up to me and yelling, “Tag! You’re it!” We all stood around for a moment, and then I started chasing everyone. We ended up running around, playing tag for half an hour. Whew, it was quite a workout, but a ton of fun! So next time you find yourself without some sporting equipment, don’t call it a day, just run up and tag someone!OWG_Blog_Art_11-8-12

Have a great day,

Hardy Heart

PS – Don’t forget today’s coloring and activity sheets!

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