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Thinking Positive

Hello hello!

Hardy has been working with Luigi on his bike riding skills. They’ve been practicing going faster and making turns, but Luigi said he is still feeling nervous when he rides. He keeps thinking about falling or crashing, so he can’t relax. I told him he needs to stop thinking like that, and think positively. If he wants to feel relaxed on the bike, he needs to train his brain! I told him to write down a sentence about how he wants to feel when riding a bike, and repeat it every morning and every night. He wrote, “I am at ease riding my bike. I am an expert bike rider in complete control of the bike.” I told him he should also draw a picture of himself riding a bike, to help him see himself accomplishing his goal. He’s been looking at the picture and reading his goals for a few days now, and I think it’s working! I’ll have him give you an update after this weekend!OWG_Blog_Art_4-19-12

Think health thoughts,
Sir Rebrum

PS – Don’t forget my coloring sheet and activity sheet for today!

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