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Time Management Tip

Well hey there!

The best thing about a three-day weekend is a four-day school week! The short school week is good, because this week has been surprisingly tough. My teachers are not messing around this year; they want to make sure we are smart! It’s hard to complain about people who are just trying to making us be the best we can be, but this week we’ve had a math quiz, a book report, and we have a spelling test tomorrow. So that’s why I am always sure to practice good time management. The best tip I have on using your time wisely is this: when doing your homework, start with the hardest assignment first. I know, it sounds weird, but if you can finish that hard task, the rest will feel like a breeze! It’s how I’ve been getting my studying and homework done during this shortened week. You should try it!Print

Keep Livin’ OrganWise,

Luigi Liver
PS – With all of your free time you can download today’s activity sheet and coloring sheet.

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