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Tips For Healthy Shopping on a Budget

July Healthy Shopping on a Budget is here! What did we make this month? Check it out in the recap picture! For a total of less than $19, we made a corn side dish, some tasty tropical fruit smoothies, a fun dried fruit chip, and a healthy, homemade cornbread.

july budget post


Our dried fruit chips were the biggest friend to our budget this month. Purchasing prepackaged fruit snacks is very expensive and they normally don’t have the same nutrition as fresh fruit. However, fresh fruit may not be as portable as fruit snacks, making them less convenient.

Enter the homemade dried fruit! For a fraction of the cost of boxed fruit snacks, you can purchase a fresh pineapple and make your own dried fruit that is sweet and satisfying and perfect for eating on-the-go. Not only are these budget friendly, they are also incredibly fun to make with your children for a family nutrition activity! If you missed it, check out the post on these fun snacks by clicking here.

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