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Tips for Limiting Screen Time

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It’s so easy for kids to get caught up in hours of screen time a day. It’s an escape after a long day and likely used as a distraction so parents can get dinner on the table. The problem is that, with all of this screen time, comes less physical activity and good old fashioned fun. We have some helpful tips for limiting screen time and promoting fun alternative activities instead.

First, here are three tips for limiting screen time:


Tip 1: Make a pledge to go outside.

If it’s a beautiful day, don’t spend it indoors in front of a screen. Go places like the park, or the playground together as a family.

Tip 2: Learn a healthy hobby.

Make a family goal to learn a new hobby or skill. Instead of watching television, spend time on new interests that will enrich your lives.

Tip 3: Create an activity basket.

Fill a colorful basket with books, puzzles and toys for children that they can use instead of watching television.

Next, watch as Hardy Heart teaches Pepto the importance of limiting screen time:

Now, make sure and download this fun word scramble for kids:

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Lastly, you can also visit our shop to view our resources that help with limiting screen time.

Here’s to getting off the couch!

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