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To-Do List

Hi Guys and Girls,

As Sir Rebrum told you earlier this week, our school year is rapidly coming to an end. What a great year it has been! So the end of the school year got me thinking about everything that I still wanted to do before summer vacation, so I decided to make a list.

I want to thank the lunch ladies for providing us with delicious, healthy food every day.
When we run the mile in PE, I want to run it in under nine minutes.
Our bus driver gets us to school safely every day so I want to give him a gift as a thank you, but I wasn’t sure what to get him. Then I thought that since we all need to make sure to eat fruit everyday, I am going to get him a fruit basket that he can enjoy during his breaks!

I’m sure I’ll think of a few more things I want to do, and you should think of some too! If you have trouble thinking of anything, a good place to start is thanking some of the people who help you out every day!OWG_Blog_Art_5-10-12

Keep eating healthy,

Peter Pancreas

PS – Don’t forget my coloring sheet and activity sheet today!

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