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Candy Overload: Try a Visit From the Candy Fairy!

Is the day after Halloween too soon to discuss disposing of the excess candy? Probably can’t hurt to plot your method of disposal, because let’s face it, does anyone really ever eat ALL of that candy anyways? The OrganWise Guys would like to think the answer is always NO! We have shared in the past this fun idea of introducing a candy fairy into your household following any holiday that typically dumps loads of candy!

Here are a few simple ideas to bring the “candy fairy” into your house:

  • Set limits – Determine your strategy of what to do with the remainder of the kiddos’ candy (likely they had a sufficient intake last night)!
  • Discuss moderation – Talk to them about the importance of indulging in sweet treats in moderation so they know why you will be taking away some of their beloved candy.
  • Select favorites – Have the children select their favorite 10-20 pieces and set aside for keeps.
  • Introduce the fairy – Once they have picked their most favorites, put the remainder of the candy in a big pile and introduce the “candy fairy.”
  • Swap it out – Essentially, the fairy will come in and take all of the leftover candy and leave a fun toy or item the children are sure to love!Candy Fairy

So what do you think, would this work in your household?

Tell us, what are your favorite ways to say farewell to all the sugary treats!??

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