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Hello Fellow OrganWise Guys Club Members,

I hope you all had an awesome Halloween! More importantly, I hope you were able to control yourself when it came to eating all the Halloween snacks, because I hate to say it, but I wasn’t able to. Halloween night, I had a few extra pieces of candy, but hey, it was Halloween! Who doesn’t eat a little extra candy?! Unfortunately, that wasn’t where I stopped. All Tuesday I snacked on candy so when it came time for dinner, I wasn’t hungry, but I had no idea why. Maybe all the candy was starting to cover my brain in a sugar-coated shell! Well, that’s what it felt like anyway! Then yesterday, I was so tired and sluggish. So what did I do? Well, I thought I just needed a little sugar to wake me up. WRONG! All the candy did was make me feel even more tired, and worse, it gave me a stomachache. I felt gross, and couldn’t figure out why. Then my brain finally told me what was going on! Well, not my brain, but my friend who is a brain, Sir Rebrum. He told me that all the candy was making me feel this way. “There is a reason we eat healthy, you know?!” And he was right! We aren’t just going around telling kids to lead healthy lifestyles because it’s cool (it is cool, though), but because it makes you feel GOOD! Eating right, exercising, and drinking water; all of this makes you and your body feel great! So I am once again living an OrganWise Guys life, and couldn’t feel better about it! If you’re not, start right now. You won’t regret it!  OWG_Blog_Art_11-3-11

Until we meet again,
Pepto the Stomach

PS: Don’t forget today’s coloring and activity sheets!

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