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How a Trampoline Can Be Good For Your Health


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OrganWise Andrew here! I’m back with an all new activity that you may want to add to your exercise repertoire! I was fortunate enough to have a trampoline in my backyard throughout my childhood. While there was plenty of fun to be had on one trampoline, I had heard stories of trampoline parks that contained wall-to-wall trampolines. It only took me 25 years to find one, but I finally did. Here in Georgia, there are several chains of trampoline parks that not only have wall-to-wall trampolines, they even have trampolines ON the walls!

I was excited to get jumping and, while l felt like a kid again, the stamina was certainly not where it once was. This was the most exhausting activity I’ve done since playing team sports! While I was bouncing I didn’t realize how tired I was. However, once I stopped, it would hit me like a ton of bricks. Windy, the lungs was struggling! This made me realize that I need to make sure I pamper Windy and Madame Muscle a whole lot more by taking them out to exercise. I never realized just how good a trampoline could be for my health!

I would love to hear more about how you take care of Windy, the lungs and Madame Muscle. Will you share with me your activities so I may try them?

OrganWise Andrew Indoor Trampoline

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