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Trapped Indoors?

It seems that most of the country has been trapped indoors at some point this winter! The OrganWise Guys’ own warehouse (in Georgia) was shut down for almost a week in January thanks to the snow and ice. Now a massive blizzard hit the midwest this past week and we hear more rumors of ice and snow on the way for the south. We know that the winter months can make it challenging for families to keep up with healthy habits – especially when unexpected storms trap us indoors!

If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit the new Kid’s page, we hope that you will soon. We have some great resources for your kids. They can follow Hardy and the ‘guys’ on the blog. Every week there are TWO brand new coloring sheets and ONE new activity sheet available for download. On Fridays we are offering a healthy recipe that you can make as a family over the weekend. We’re also highlighting fun facts about the Foods of the Month. Hopefully these will inspire your kids to try new things (like avocados because after all, who wouldn’t want to try an alligator pear!) Of course we also have video clips and fun games available.

So, if you’re stuck indoors and really need to motivate your kids to get active, here’s a great clip to inspire them!

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