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Tropical Paradise

Hi guys and girls!

Have all of you been vacationing in a beautiful tropical paradise this summer? If so, you’re one of the lucky ones! I’ve been hanging around the neighborhood with friends, but I’ve been pretending to be looking over the blue ocean from a hotel room on the beach. One thing that helps me think tropical is eating one of July’s Foods of the Month: tropical fruits. That means bananas, mangos, pineapples and more! Imagining yourself on the beaches of Hawaii makes eating sliced pineapple even better! So if you’re missing a vacation by the Atlantic or the Pacific, grab your favorite tropical fruit, close your eyes, and I’ll meet you on the beaches of our imaginations! You can even download the coloring sheet for today and take it outside to your tropical paradise!

Keep eating healthy,

OWG_Blog_Art_7-21-14Peter Pancreas


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