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Video: Celebrate Healthy Lung Month

healthy lung month

October is Healthy Lung Month and nobody is more excited about this than Windy, the Lungs. We, along with our friends over at the Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Center, are offering up some helpful tips for healthy lungs and to help prevent toxins from affecting your health:

  • Get plenty of exercise, which is good for your lungs AND the rest of your body, too. (Think of it like “working out” for your lungs.)
  • Do not smoke! It’s dangerous to your lungs, entire body and everyone around you.
  • Switch up your cleaning supplies to more natural ones. Some of them contain harmful chemicals that pollute the air you breathe.
  • To diminish some of the toxins in the air, use an air purifier.
  • Before doing any major home renovations, be sure to have your house checked for dangerous fibers, such as asbestos. They can be found in walls, ceilings, or insulation. If the fibers break apart they can be easily inhaled which can later cause serious lung illnesses or cancer like mesothelioma



In honor of Healthy Lung Month, watch as Windy, the Lungs talks about the importance of not smoking and getting plenty of fresh air:


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