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Video: Strong Bones During National Dairy Month

strong bones


The month of June is a busy one for most! Between upcoming Father’s Day celebrations and family beach vacations, it can be easy to veer away from┬ámaking healthy decisions. But, just because it’s summer does not mean that you have to be unhealthy. June plays host to National Dairy Month and there is nothing that Calci M. Bone likes more than talking about how to have strong bones.

Calcium for Strong Bones

Teach the kids from an early age the importance of eating foods that are high in calcium. Calci M. Bone has a fun discussion with Grandma Bone in this fun video. Make sure and share with the kids so they can see why they need to take in a lot of calcium so they have strong bones even later in life.

So, help a bone out this month (really all year round, too!) and grab an extra glass of low-fat or skim milk! Calci M. Bone is sure to thank you!

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