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Visit Your Local Farmer's Market

You’ve probably seen signs around your town or articles on the internet encouraging you to consider buying locally produced goods. In our busy world, it’s much easier to run the local supermarket and gather everything we need for a week rather than taking the time to visit local markets. At times, our budgets or lifestyles don’t allow us the luxury of buying local but if they do, here are a few reasons that you might want to take the whole family to to the market this summer:

  • Meet local farmers – At most markets, you’ll meet men and women who are actually working on the farms or have part ownership in the land. They can give you insight into the produce and how it’s grown and tips for cooking produce that might be new to you.
  • Samples – At most local markets, you’ll find everything from beekeepers who produce their own honey, to fresh salsas and jams, local yogurt and even some area farm-to-table restaurants. Often they’ll provide samples of their food. It’s a great way to get your kids to try new items.
  • Entertainment – Beyond the people watching, these markets have live music, activities for children or even local artists displaying their work.
  • Community – Because most farmer’s markets are set up within the local community, it’s a great time to connect with friends and neighbors.

Do you have a great farmer’s market in your community? We’d love to hear more.

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