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Walk or Bike to School

Last week was National Walk to School and Bike to School Day but the challenge to walk or bike to school continues all month long! Not everyone is in asituation where they get their child to school on a bike or by walking but if it is an option, we’d like to challenge you to consider trying it. Even though it  takes some planning and creative balance to your schedule, there are both physical and mental benefits.

  • Increased physical activity during the day.
  • Less cars on the road which improves air quality.
  • Time to connect and hear about your child’s day.
  • After the rush to get out the door in the morning, it gives both of you time to calm your minds and prepare for the day ahead.
  • Having a few precious minutes alone each day after dropping your children off at school.
  • The confidence that your child gains as he or she rides his or her bike up to the school and locks it up for the day.

So if it is at all feasible with your lifestyle, we encourage you to take a few days and try out walking or biking to school!

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