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Water Safety First, Second, and Always

As summer vacations commence and the July 4th holiday approaches, families across the country are making plans to head to cooler places. Lakes, rivers, oceans and pools will be popular options as the temperature continues to rise. While all of these water destinations are great fun, safety is a major concern as oftentimes there are no safety measures in place and no lifeguards to ensure they are enforced.

We recently came across this Minnesota local news story that portrayed drowning in a more realistic manner than what people typically imagine drowning to look like. This is a real eye-opener as most people envision it involving a lot of splashing, flailing arms, yelling, etc. In actuality, it may be hard to even realize that a person is struggling in the water.

One great idea taken from the news piece is that they are distributing ‘cards’ to the parents and/or guardians who are there to “watch” their kids as they swim. Basically they are assigning accountability to adults to be “on alert” at all times. When one has the ‘card,’ they cannot be on their phones and all attention must be on not only their own child(ren), but on all the kids in the swimming area. The responsibility is then shared among all the caregivers. In this day and age when technology has literally taken over our lives, this sounds like a fabulous idea to make sure our kids are safe in the water!


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