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Water Safety Tips – Real Signs of Drowning

As the July 4th holiday approaches, families across the country are making plans to head to cooler places. Lakes, rivers and oceans are sure to be popular options as the temperature continues to rise. While all of these water destinations are great fun, safety is a major concern as oftentimes there are no safety measures in place and no lifeguards to ensure they are enforced. We recently came across this great article that has been circulating entitled What Drowning Really Looks Like. This is a real eye-opener as most people envision drowning involving a lot of splashing, flailing arms, yelling, etc. In actuality, it may be hard to even realize that a person is struggling in the water. Kidneys-Surfing_1

According to the article, here are some signs of drowning:

  • Head low in the water, mouth at water level
  • Head tilted back with mouth open
  • Eyes glassy and empty, unable to focus
  • Eyes closed
  • Hair over forehead or eyes
  • Not using legs – vertical
  • Hyperventilating or gasping
  • Trying to swim in a particular direction but not making headway
  • Trying to roll over on the back
  • Appear to be climbing an invisible ladder
Lakes, rivers, oceans, and pools are amazing places to visit and spend the holiday. Be sure to always treat these areas with a high level of respect and don’t ever let your guard down. Oh, and … don’t forget your sunscreen!

Where are you heading this holiday weekend?

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